domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Fun Siri answers


I managed to loose my Iphone 32gb in my own house, so after a week searching for him without finding it, I decided it was time to get a new phone!

Since yesterday I've been having fun with my new toy and I must say Siri is hilarious! lol

You have to see some of her answers!

sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2012

Shopping of the week - Dr. Martens 1B99

I had been thinking about recycling my 1996 Dr. Martens boots for these year music festivals.

However, I must have gave them away several years ago, because I couldn't find them at my parents house.

As I am a woman of obssessions I couldn't resist and bought a new and more modern pair.

They haven't arrived yet and I must confess that I don't know if its gonna work.
I'm not sure that I will be able to style them as I want, but I hope so...

segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2012

Pastel nails

And here are my easter nails!

Once again I followed the one nail different colour trend and I really loved it :)

My Instagram Pictures@blosss

sábado, 21 de abril de 2012

Golden arm party

Lately I've been wearing this mix of gold bracelets and watch!

I call it my private gold arm party and I'm loving it!

My Instagram Pictures @Blosss

segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

Sunday online shopping - new in my closet

Yesterday afternoon was spent on the couch, browsing the Internet.

Of course the result was some shopping ;)

Here it is, the result of boredom! Lol

sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

Coachella 2012 - first pictures

I was eager to see what celebreties will be wearing for Coachella Music Festival this year!

So I browsed the Internet looking for looks and until now I'm not impressed with what I found...

What do you think?

Photos from Just Jared

quarta-feira, 4 de abril de 2012

Lauren Conrad for Glamour USA

I must confess that I was an avid fan of Laguna Beach and The Hills and I have always loved Lauren Conrad.

She always looks poised, stylish and, in my opinion, she is a classy girl and her Glamour editorial is one of my favourites of the year, so far.

The cover makes me think of Springtime, which I love.
Don't you think?

Image from here

Pictures also from here

segunda-feira, 2 de abril de 2012

Fashion for healthy inspiration

This is cute :)

Image taken from here

Adriana Lima - Jimmy Fallon Interview

Adriana Lima is so funny! I guess when you are that beautiful you are a really true happy girl!

Jimmy asks her to teach him how to say "Nice to meet you" in portuguese and she teaches him how to say "I wear a bra"! lool And she doesn't even tell him later that it was a prank! Ahahahah

Youtube doesn't allowed the incorporation, but you can see the video here!

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